HR best practices that companies can adopt that may improve business performance

Posted by Quinten van Es on Thu, Nov 3, 2016

improve.jpgTop Employers has developed a rigorous process of evaluating, benchmarking and certifying companies. They have identified best practices in nine key HR topics.


To determine whether the Top Employers certification is correlated with better business performance, data analysts examined companies that have received their certification since 2011 on key metrics. The findings show that companies that have achieved Top Employers certification since 2011 are not only more highly regarded, according to employee ratings on employer review & assessment platforms like Glassdoor and Kununu, they also show stronger stock performance and compounded five-year revenue growth rates.

Executives at Top Employers certified companies confirm that a key benefit of the certification is
being able to compare their company’s scores against benchmarks on 600 best practices in the nine HR topic areas. This level of specificity allows companies to pinpoint areas that need improvement.

To fully realize the benefit of best practices, and thus be certified, companies need to have a full
complement of competent and creative individuals who can ensure that the practices are being appropriately adapted and adopted, as the overwhelming majority of the research literature on quality management techniques shows that the level of top management commitment before, during and after implementation of a best practice has a significant impact on success. The Top Employers certification process includes research, a validation, and a third-party audit. The evaluation is in-depth, and requires a commitment of time and resources across the entire company.

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Best practices in general have the most impact on business performance when they are embraced companywide, starting at the top, and adopted smartly and sensitively by expert individuals. Top Employers Institute provides certification that ensures leadership in HR best practice implementation. HRCI provides certification that helps companies identify individuals who have both the knowledge and critical judgment skills to apply the best practices. On their own, certifications are correlated with better business performance – companies with Top Employers certification, and companies that have more than five HRCI certificants, show better results than companies that don’t.