Key trend in Leadership Development: Business performance

Posted by Quinten van Es on Thu, Sep 22, 2016
measure.jpgWhile standard measures of the effectiveness of global leadership initiatives (such as participant satisfaction and behavioural changes) continue, there has been a rise in the use of other measures, notably: sales, productivity and engagement scores of leaders’ direct reports, to help measure success. Improvements in these latter measures show a correlation to global leadership development effectiveness. 
BEST PRACTICE: Drive the business ‘for tomorrow’
In one Top Employer’s initiative, a European solutions company, the leadership profile included a need to demonstrate an understanding of the business as a whole, evaluating risks and analysing costs to drive profitability in a complex multi-site environment. There was also a requirement to be seen to be able to drive the business ‘for tomorrow’ which included a passion for technology, innovation and change. Another Top Employer in financial services included business success as one of its KPIs.

This is a significant development as there is a large difference between top performing companies, and the rest in this area.


Top Performers use all measurement methods available, while overall, global
organisations tend to favour subjective evaluations and (with the exception of large non-multinational businesses) rarely use Return on Investment to evaluate leadership development effectiveness.

Six key trends
'Business Performance' is one of the six key trends we have identified in the Leadership Development report. These six trends are shaping the future of Leadership Development and influencing the approach of many global businesses.

Each trend signals a move towards a more collaborative, collective and inclusive approach at a business level, while also placing more responsibility and decision making in the hands of the individual to self determine their own development.

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