Key trend in Leadership Development: Innovation in methods

Posted by Quinten van Es on Thu, Oct 13, 2016
infrastructure.jpgThe collective leadership that will be needed to meet the increasing complexities and
challenges around the future of business is unlikely to be sufficiently served by many existing models or programmes. We are about to enter an era of rapid innovation in which organisations will experiment with diverse ideas and new approaches.

Technology and digital tools will almost certainly drive much of the change and may well provide the infrastructure around which it is built. Online coaching and mentoring, e-Learning, virtual collaboration and social learning and enterprise networks are just some of the ways in which technology is starting to drive this change. Employee expectations will also contribute to this, as they increasingly prefer the ‘personalised’ user experience of their commercial technology to the more impersonal interface of existing business technologies.

BEST PRACTICE: Use of technology
We have already noticed differences emerging between companies, with good uses of technology having been identified. A participating African software company has online career development tools, mentor and mentee matching, and a comprehensive tracking system for planning and employee readiness (which can be an important indicator of successful completion of programme


Six key trends
'Innovation in methods' is one of the six key trends we have identified in the Leadership Development report. These six trends are shaping the future of Leadership Development and influencing the approach of many global businesses.

Each trend signals a move towards a more collaborative, collective and inclusive approach at a business level, while also placing more responsibility and decision making in the hands of the individual to self determine their own development.

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