Talent and Technology: the future is already here

Posted by Irene Martínez on Thu, Jan 26, 2017
Highway.jpgYes, expectations have been exceeded. A few years ago it was glimpsed that technology was going to be important in talent managing, but that sight is short: technology is revolutionising the social and organised environment, and, as it couldn’t be any other way, this revolution has exploded too in the managing and development of the talent, and it’s already a reality in the best practices of the most advanced companies. 

In recent days of the best practices we’ve organised, several Top Employers shared their best practices, like PepsiCo that showed us the digital tools of on-boarding to which the new employees can access even before being incorporated. This intensifies their presence in the social media, the first contact with the employee has changed radically and all the social media and webs are, also, connected to the selection process. At PepsiCo the digital journey starts the moment the candidate gets in touch with them and this early approach contributes to accelerate their learning speed and administrate them information that reinforce their interest for the company and sets the foundations of their commitment.

For its part, Altadis has used the platform Webjam to start “The big talk” of all the company in order to change their leadership model. They’ve activated an online dialogue that’s connected their almost 40.000 employees around the world, developing a 72 hours debate with 9.000 connections defining and debating the leadership and talent subjects that are of interest for all, the trending topics.

A great example of the fact that the most challenging, and therefore, the most fascinating, is in which way our approach gets transformed and how the technological possibilities have revolutionised so quickly our way of communicating: the talent, here and now, requires a technological and talented perspective an style of communication (T2T: talent speaks to talent), cross-functional teams, communities of talent, direct line and bidirectional line of communication, transparency and real participation… a new model that breaks the old boundaries, that now, old fashion, are useless and even harmful for our attractive capital, our brand as an employer.

The most successful companies travel steadily on this road to the digital transformation, a journey of organisational and revolutionary change, that obliges us to put over the table and question, in a constructive and participative manner, our habits and procedures of the analogical era in order to enter a new world, a new approach, a new perspective. It’s not an option, our survival it’s at stake. Is not an easy road, but it’s essential and, above all, thrilling.

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