Talent on movement: betting for the development of professional career

Posted by Irene Martínez on Thu, Jan 19, 2017

Row.jpgThe rules of the game have changed in the labor market, and the best companies have known how to take advantage of it and are prepared to offer to the people – all their own talent- what the talent needs. The most advanced organisations develop their attractive capital, that besides attracting to the best professionals, it offers them an environment in which they can develop their potential and their careers, so they can give the best of themselves, maximising the engagement, with a prepared talent ready to assume new challenges. 

96% of companies certified as a Top Employer in 2016 have an established career managing process in which the managers get involved directly with an active role in the development of the career of their workers.

The companies generate the environment, the fertile ground to potentiate the professional careers and the development of talent, but the key characters are the direct manager and the professional. “You can’t be a great leader if you aren’t a good coach”, said – and shown- by Monique Valcour. The statistics are repeated merciless, 70% of professionals leave the enterprises because of their bosses: bad ones or just mediocre, they make the good professionals leave, or maybe worst, stay, but “unplugged”. The reason is that they feel stagnant, without professional growth, as if they couldn’t develop their talent. Even though raising the salary is an implied motive, reality is clear: if we don’t have good leaders, the professionals will leave, because without good leaders there’s no talent development.

That’s why, the top companies emphasises the role of the direct manager as a facilitator and enhancer of the professional career of the workers: either as a coach leader, a career mentor, the key is to focalise the talks about the development of the workers about how to maximise their professional career, focusing on the future and less in the past, to activate and start moving the talent of the people.

And, at the same time, the tandem manager-worker in which both are rowing in the same direction gets improved. The best companies facilitate the means and tools of self-development and learning so the person takes the wheel of their professional career, develop and acquire skills and knowledge that won’t necessary have a direct relation with the performance evaluation of their actual position, but instead being available of their interests and motivations, focused on their professional future.

In this direction, 97% of the companies certified as Top Employer in 2016 facilitate their professionals with access to the open vacancies and the required profiles, also encouraging them, to take the initiative in their professional development. And they not only stay there, each year the number of companies (93% in 2016) that implement mechanisms to know the aspirations of their employees is increased in order to improve their planning about their vacancies.

The talent that’s not appreciated is wasted: the key is to put talent in motion. As a company, what are you doing to develop the career of your professionals?