Until recently Human Resources studies yielded only suggestions that specific factors could impact the bottom line

Posted by Quinten van Es on Thu, Jan 5, 2017

Path.jpgTo date, most of the research-based exploration into the impact of human resource management methods has focused on measures that HR professionals can directly influence. These studies have given us a good sense of what HR can specifically do to create internal value, what factors predict individual employee performance, and how to increase workplace satisfaction:


Most business leaders agree that it benefits the company when HR does all of the above, but it’s still unclear to them which factors have the most impact on business results, perhaps excepting the rediction of staff turnover and absenteeism. So while all these insights and approaches may represent sound business practices, taken together they don’t comprise a systematic best practice.

But certification, on both an organizational and individual level, does offer a path to set the HR individuals and organizations that know and flexibly apply systematic best practices to their organization’s needs. And the new data analyses presented here show correlation between certification and bottom line metrics, challenging future studies not to stop with measures of internal factors, but to press forward to explore the financial impact of HR professionals and
best practices.


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Best practices in general have the most impact on business performance when they are embraced companywide, starting at the top, and adopted smartly and sensitively by expert individuals. Top Employers Institute provides certification that ensures leadership in HR best practice implementation. HRCI provides certification that helps companies identify individuals who have both the knowledge and critical judgment skills to apply the best practices. On their own, certifications are correlated with better business performance – companies with Top Employers certification, and companies that have more than five HRCI certificants, show better results than companies that don’t.