On-boarding HR Insights Report

On-boarding HR Insights Report

On-boarding trends are evolving as business realise its crucial influence on supporting new employees and operational effectiveness. This report shows case studies and 5 best practice trends including making on-boarding a process rather than a single event, measuring effectiveness and ensuring senior business leaders play a key role in inspiring new employees from the first morning.  

Five key trends:

  • From event to process
  • Towards a multidimensional programme
  • More active involvement of Senior Management
  • On-boarding goes digital
  • Gain insight: data driven programme improvement

Also included are graphics from our research and case studies from Tata Consultancy Services and Old Mutual. 

What Top Employers say about On-boarding

The research

The findings in the report are based on a sample size of 600 organisations in 102 countries, certified as Top Employers by the Top Employers Institute. Only organisations with more than 3,000 employees locally or more than 5,000 employees worldwide are included. 

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