TE_RAPPORT_HR_Reporting__Analyics_16_COVER_final.jpgReporting & Analytics

While HR departments have been talking about the importance of HR analytics for several years, only recently we see HR move toward a wider use of predictive analytics. A select group of the world’s Top Employers are hiring people analytics staff, cleaning up their data and developing models that help transform their businesses. The HR Reporting & Analytics HR Insights report will be published end of 2016

Reporting & Analytics


Cover_Updated_report_on_CSM_16.jpgCareer & Succession Management 

This report describes the Key Trends of Career & Succession Management; the active and purposeful management of a career by an individual and identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key business positions in the company. The report includes 4 Key Trends, grapsh from our reaserch and 2 case studies from Unilever and Dimension Data
(published July 2015)

updated_with_2016.jpgCareer & Succession Management


Cover_Report_Performance_Management_2016.jpgPerformance Management

Performance Management is a process that contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance. The Performance Management Report includes 4 Key Trends, graphs from our research and a case study from Microsoft.
(published April 2015)


Performance Management


Cover Compensation Benefits report - updated with 2016 data.jpgCompensation & Benefits

Compensation & Benefits is an area of HR that is responsible for ensuring that the company has relevant, sustainable and competitive pay and benefits packages that attract, retain and motivate key talent. The report includes 4 Key Trends in Compensation & Benefits, infographics and 2 case studies from ABBVIE and SAP.
(published October 2015)

updated_with_2016.jpgCompensation & Benefits



Leadership Development

Leadership Development is any activity that improves or strengthens the quality of leadership within an individual or an organisation. The Leadership Development Report includes 6 Key Trends, grapsh from our research and 2 case studies from EY and PepsiCo.
(published March 2015)


Leadership Development



On-boarding is the way that a company brings a new person into their organisation. Progressive companies know that if they want the maximum possibility of someone being successful within their business, they need to start out right. Read how to start out right in this report which is includes 5 Key Trends, graphs from our research and 2 cases studies from Tata Consultancy Services and Old Mutual
(published April 2016)



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